Extended Abstracts: Submission Guidelines

All abstracts are to be submitted to one (and only one) of the conference tracks. The submission deadline is Friday, 15th December 2017.

Please ensure you remove ALL information from the abstract that might reveal your identity, follow the style guidelines provided below, and submit the document as a pdf file.

Style guidelines:

  • The extended abstract may not exceed 1000 words, including tables and references.
  • We recommend the following format:
    • Margins: 2.5 cm on all sides
    • Text: justified
    • Page numbers: placed in the lower right-hand corner on each page
    • Font: 11pt Calibri
    • Line Spacing 1.5 lines
    • Title: centred in bold 14pt Calibri.
    • Section titles: in bold and numbered (e.g., “ The strategic role of HR”)
    • Subsections: in italics and numbered (e.g., “1. The HRM rubric”)
    • References: follow the APA System (apastyle.org).

Please note that the authors of the selected proposals are to submit the full paper by 15th May 2018.